Using drones can be a unique way to capture memories of the most important day of your life.

We can customise a package to fit your needs from Drone Photography to 4K Video packages.

Capturing the magic...

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You have successfully booked the wedding venue of your dreams and now you are looking for the best way to capture it in all its glory. Have you thought about using a drone?

Drone photography is the latest trend in the bridal market and may be just what you need for scoring cinematic quality aerial footage. There are plenty of drones on the market but it's best to leave the photography to a professional. To help get you started, here are a few things to look for when hiring a Drone for your special day.
Drone Wedding

The possibilities...

Nothing compares to the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage. Drones can reveal spectacular views and give you a much more powerful sense of scale.

The possibilities will blow the traditional wedding album out of the water. You can capture your entire venue, all your happy guests and maybe even a breathtaking sunset.

We offer both Photography packages and Video packages. Each one bespoke to your wedding day and requirements. Please get in contact for a quote.
Aerial video for weddings

Do you need permission?

Unfortunately, not every venue is drone-friendly. This is usually due to misunderstandings of drone technology and can easily be rectified by speaking to the venue, which we can do for you.

Obviously, it's not safe to fly a drone everywhere. Indoor venues are tricky but not impossible, we can offer alternative cameras for interior video.

Other tough areas could be places with lots of trees, tented weddings and anywhere with overhead wires and too many telephone poles.
wedding sunset

Make Plenty of Time...

Make sure you have enough time to capture shots. It takes time to grab the beautiful aerial shots, especially if you want lots of video.

We've got to be strategic getting shots of the venue. Drones are kind of a spectacle. They will definitely attract attention when they're flying.

We recommend shooting footage before guests arrive (if possible) and during the hour or so between the ceremony and reception when guests are milling around.

Be aware of Limitations...

Venue photography
Drones can't fly in bad weather.​ If there's any type of precipitation on the day, we won't be able to fly.

We also have to be careful of strong winds and will monitor those before arrival and on location.

We can talk you through what happens if the weathers bad.

If we decide it's unsafe to fly, there's no arguing. After all, the last thing you want is for the wind to knock a 4kg flying camera out of the sky and into a wedding guest!
Wedding Photography

Drones are noisy...

Drones are by no means quiet things. They have propellers and engines, and they make noise. The last thing you'd want is a drone whirring away during the poignant moment when you and your beloved are exchanging vows.

It's best to keep drones grounded during the ceremony to avoid interruptions. Unless of course that's what you want!
We are happy to work alongside your wedding photographer and collaborate with them on the day.

We also have a really good relationship with Martin at Studiowise Photography, he knows the rules and regulations regarding Drones so is great for us to work with. If you're still looking for a Wedding photographer please visit his website by clicking the image below.
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