Greg Rowell
Greg has always had a keen eye for photography and is ecstatic that he can now do it for a living!

After a 12 year career in the entertainments industry, he decided it was time to follow his dreams and decided to take his hobbies of photography and flying drones to the next level.

Greg really enjoys every aspect of drone photography, especially fault finding and repairing them. He is excellent at thinking on his feet and finding solutions to nearly every problem thrown at him.

In late 2015, he created Steady Hawk Limited and was granted Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) from the Civil Aviation Authority.
Emma Rowell
Emma, when out on assignment, is responsible for assisting in flight safety and keeping public out of danger. She also has a wealth of other skills, organisation being her strongest asset!

Emma has a keen eye for spotting potential hazards and is a great communicator.

She can also operate the camera fitted to the drone using a seperate controller and her own video screen. Leaving the pilot to concentrate on flying safely.
Ollie Green
Ollie is a Freelance camera Operator based in Bristol. His technical knowledge and experience make him an important asset when we need to capture the highest quality, dynamic aerial shots.

Ollie has worked on a variety of projects with Steady Hawk including the 2016 Golden Oldies Rugby Festival, various Weddings and the BBC's DIY SOS.

Ollie also enjoys building and flying FPV racing drones, both Greg and Ollie are hooked and get out to practice flying as often as they can.