3D Models

Horsleygate Hall

This model is compilled of 53 images, some nadir and a single orbit of property to capture elevtions and detail.

Time for data capture: 5 minutes

3D model of Horsleygate Hall in the Peak District.

Self catering cottages with stunning gardens

West Country Farm

This 3D model was a by product from a property marketing job.

Our intention was just to test and tweak our technique in making 3D models.

As well as flying over the property with the camera pointing straight down, there are also a lot of images covering all angles of the house. This has made the detail of the surfaces of the house look incredibly detailed, especially the front.

Time on location approx. 45 minutes

Cornwall Cliff Survey

Recently we were asked to survey a cliff in Cornwall with the intention of providing a large number of photographs for a local Geoscience company investigating the integrity of the cliff.

We wanted to test how effective Drone Deploy was at creating a 3D model of the cliff from our images. The result is excellent!

This model is compilled of 75 images looking straight down.

Time on location approx. 45 minutes